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Flora Cabili is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist, educator, and queer storyteller who uses public engagement, installations, movement, and mixed-media works to explore themes of origin, assembly and dislocation. She draws from found materials' memory to explore our collective relationship to the natural and built environment.  Currently, Flora explores climate futures by drawing from the memory of found materials – specifically petroleum byproducts –  to investigate our collective relationship to the natural and built environment. Through this exploration, they grapple with how we can collectively  (re)consider the nature of the material and how we manipulate nature. How can we contemplate notions of space, permanence, and extraction? She was born and raised in France. Flora traces their roots to France, Egypt, Greece, and Italy. 


Luna Fête , Commissioned light cube + projection for city-wide outdoor installation , New Orleans December 2023

Group Show , Antenna Gallery, New Orleans November 11, 2023

See Through , The Front Gallery, New Orleans October 14, 2023

New Antenna Gallery Collective Member September 2023

Catch and Release Group Show Aquarium Gallery, New Orleans, April 2023

DEPART-MENT Residency and Grant Recipient, New Orleans, Fall 2022 


COSMATI LABS, Curator and Participant, Monteleone di Spoleto, Italy | July 2022 

Obracadobra Residency Recipient, Oaxaca, Mexico, July 2022   


Aquarium Gallery Residency Recipient ,New Orleans, December 2021   

Femaissance Group Show, New Orleans, April 2019

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